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A New Standard
in Home Automation

One Stop for Home Automation, Entertainment and Electrical Systems.

Fully Customized

There is only one YOU. There is only one ZUMA ENTERTAINMENT. We not only make the difference, but ARE the difference by how we custom tailor every system, every installation and handle every individual client. 

Built on the belief that technology is intended to make things simpler - we build our systems around your life. Not the other way around.

Home Automation

Save time and energy while adding to your home's value with fully customized automation.

Electrical Systems

Eliminate the division between power and technology. Seamlessly fuse both, safely, with our highly trained techs who maintain strict continuous education.

Home Theaters

The elegance and spectacle of the silver screen, without the drive or the public. Fully customized to meet your specific personal or hosting needs.

Security Systems

Customize your security with everything from cameras to card access, right down to electric locks and alarms.


Whole House Wiring From Start to Finish.

All Phases, High Voltage and Low Voltage.

Eliminate the guess work in your panel box and in your circuitry.

Our electricians are the cleanest in the business and are guaranteed to leave you with a clearly labeled panel that doesn't require any training or technical certification to understand.

With decades of electrical experience we are prepared to supply you with ample power that not only functions well, but is aesthetically fitting for your surrounding interior or exterior space.

We will go the extra mile and see that you're happy.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Delighted Clients


Products Installed




Years Crestron Platinum Dealer


Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Space?

As in any industry, it's the people that make the difference. Here at Zuma Entertainment we pride ourselves in the quality of our character, our discretion and in our ability to not only meet, but exceed expectations.

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